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About OWN

About OWN

Businesses around the World

Our team has concentrated on blockchain market for over 5 years. As a result, we have professional knowledge investing blockchain as well as ability of international investment service, and master more prudent investment strategy for blockchain market.

Diversified Services

In order to enable investors to gain secure and stable returns, our platform has been dedicated to providing highly customized and diversified investment services.

Care Clients' Needs

We are more concerned about clients' needs, strictly carry out due diligence procedures, strive to achieve returns we promised and profits no matter in a bull or bear market, even in a rotten blockchain market.

OWN Core Business

OWN Core Business

Blockchain Fund

Based on protecting clients' assets, we provide stable, secure and high yield blockchain asset depository service.

Investment Services

To help investors identify and select superior blockchain projects, and provide the most professional investment advisory service.

Blockchain Trading

With the background of large capital partners cooperation, we guarantee the success of each blockchain asset trading which is fast, secure and reliable.

OWN Solution

OWN Solution

Comprehensive Management of Blockchain Asset

We focus on protecting clients' assets, reflecting in our business models, processes and staff values. We also know clients' needs for solution of asset management and return on investment.

Pioneer of Investment Advisory Service

We have been dedicated to blockchain investment for over 5 years. Throughout this period, we have strictly carried out due diligence procedures to ensure hundreds of blockchain projects we served with high growth.

Trust in Blockchain Asset Trading

As for our superior service, we have gained the trust of clients around the world. For this reason, we will continue to make every effort to ensure the benefit and security of both trading sides.

Customized Investment Solution

Our team aims to help investors select superior blockchain projects and look for investment opportunities, cooperating with excellent investment managers to explore new market.

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Contact us

Contact us

TokenOWN︳A World-leading Platform of Blockchain Asset Service

For business cooperation, please contact us at:business@tokenown.com

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